Pink Kush | Hybrid

Pink Kush | Hybrid


Pink Kush is another popular indica-dominant hybrid. A known relative of OG Kush, yet no one is really sure who the parents are. It has inherited the name from the rare pink hairs that protrude from the dense buds. When first opening the jar, a powerful Kush aroma will hit you in the face, followed by a sweet flower scent. Pink Kush is more suitable for your cannabis connoisseurs, as it is typically tested anywhere between 20-24% THC.

Whether you are in need of an appetite, sleep, relaxation or pain relief, Pink Kush will be your best friend. After your first hit, it will have the pain in your body melting away. Medical patients seem to drift towards this indica-dominant hybrid to conquer any type of stress, insomnia, migraines or anxiety. Don't forget to be careful when consuming Pink Kush, if taken in higher doses you can experience paranoia and/or anxiety.



  • Relaxed
  • Euphoric
  • Tiredness
  • Energetic



Growers will have to wait a bit longer for Pink Kush to flower. Around the 11 week mark is when farmers report this strain starts to flower. Although you may have to wait longer than your average indica, this superb quality Kush is definitely worth the wait. This is another strain that does not grow much taller than 1.3 meters due to its indica relative. Keep in mind whether you're growing indoor or outdoor, this strain will let the neighbours know who's growing some top quality cannabis.



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