Green Crack | Sativa

Green Crack | Sativa


In need of some energy, creativity and euphoria? Green Crack is without a doubt a great choice. The strain originally had its own name "cush", until famous rapper Snoop Dogg re-named after experiencing the effects of this potent sativa. As time went on, some consumers were not to fond of the name "Green Crack", and they have began to call it "Green Cush". Don't let these indica-looking buds fool you, Green Crack will have you feeling uplifted for hours. 

You will notice a strong lemon scent when cured properly, followed by an earthy tone when smelling these thick/dense buds. Upon inhalation, the earthy and lemon tones will dance across your taste buds. Thankfully enough, you will not need more than a couple puffs of this stuff to get you up and at it. Testing around 15%-18% THC, it is a great strain to be using during the day, helping you stay focused, energized and happy. 






  • Euphoria 
  • Focused
  • Energized



Ever want to experiment with a plant in a closet, backyard, or basement? Green Crack is your ideal strain as it is reasonably simple to grow. If you're deciding to grow outdoors, make sure you place the plant(s) somewhere with a sufficient amount of sun. Green crack won't grow much taller than 4 feet in height and will be ready for you to harvest late September to Early October. You'll be lucky enough to be harvesting around 10-15 ounces per plant. When deciding to grow indoors you should expect around a 9 week flowering period. Like most strains, keep a close eye on humidity levels as some strains are defenceless against mould. 

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