Ghost Train Haze | Hybrid

Ghost Train Haze | Hybrid


Rare Dankness was the first to produce this famous sativa-dominant hybrid, by crossing Neville's Wreck and Ghost OG. Ghost Train Haze is a strong strain testing around 25% THC, which makes it great for anyone experiencing depression, anxiety or no appetite. Please keep in mind that Ghost Train Haze should be consumed in moderation due to its powerful effects. At low doses, this strain would be great for day-to-day use as it produces energy throughout the body, creativity and increases your mood.

When you first open the jar to smell this strain, you will be overwhelmed with citrus/pine from the two typically highest tested terpenes in Ghost Train Haze, Limonene and Pinene. Be prepared to make whole room smell as you bust up this bud. These buds are not like your typical sativa, as they are far more dense and thick. The bright orange hairs and layers of trichomes will have you analyzing it like no other. After you've prepared that bong, pipe or joint, light it up. Right as that smoke hits your lips you will start to taste the OG making a presence. Never underestimate Ghost Train Haze as you may only need one hit to melt that stress away.






  • Pain Relief
  • Euphoria
  • Increased Appetite 
  • Energized



Whether you decide to plant Ghost Train Haze indoor or outdoor, just be sure the climate is warm/dry and you will be more than happy with your results. Growing tall and potent, this strain is known to produce high yields. Typically Ghost Train Haze would be harvested late October when your garden is outdoors. When growing indoors, the flowering time is usually around 65-80 days. Ghost Train Haze may require more attention than your average strain when grown indoors since it's climate needs to thrive in hot temperatures, which leads to proper ventilation and air flow to prevent mould.  


Family Tree

 Ghost OG
Neville's Wreck