Blueberry | Indica

Blueberry | Indica


If you love Blueberries, then you'll love this strain. The smell of Blueberries will coat the entire room when you open a jar full of these big buds. It is known to be a three way cross between an Afghani, Thai and Purple Thai. Blueberry will provide you with complete relaxation, alleviation of pain and a good nights sleep. 

Blueberry is known for its sedative effects it carries. If you did not know, indica's tend to have an "in da couch" type feeling and Blueberry is definitely one of them. Upon inhalation, you will start to feel your body melt into full relaxation mode, followed by all your pain slipping out of your entire body.


Relaxed  |  Euphoric  |  Tiredness  |  



    If growing Blueberry outdoors, make sure where you are growing has the proper climate. Hot, humid and sunny is ideal for this potent indica. We recommend growing indoors if possible, since cannabis requires specific environments to help them grow their fullest potential. Blueberry and lots of other indica strains are known for growing small and bushy, yet still yielding plenty of product which makes it a perfect strain to grow indoors.