Blue Dream | Hybrid

Blue Dream | Hybrid


After crossing the sativa Haze and indica Blueberry, Blue Dream was born. It produces such a perfectly balanced high starting through the relaxation of the body, followed by creativity and euphoria. Many people use this strain when experiencing nausea, anxiety or depression. Blue Dream allows users to experience relief upon consumption, while still being able to function for normal everyday activities.

When you first smoke Blue Dream, you will notice the distinctive blueberry, citrus and earthy flavours right away. This is another potent strain that is testing anywhere in between 20-25% THC. These buds will be covered in trichomes and have different green tones throughout it entire jar. If you haven't tried Blue dream before, you are missing out. Be sure to add this to your list of top strains to try.



  • Happy
  • Creative
  • Relaxed



Blue Dream will thrive in most weather conditions you decide to grow it in. Expect around the typical 8-9 week flowering time. Whether you're growing indoors or outdoors, make sure your garden is getting lots of water. If outdoors, your harvest will be ready around the usual mid-September to mid-October. When growing indoors, you may want to resort to topping your plants since Blue Dream is known to almost double in size during flowering period.


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