Afghani | Landrace Indica

Afghani | Landrace Indica


This strain is known to be one of the first popular indica strains around. Afghani will wipe any type of pain, stress, anxiety or inflammation away. Famously known as a landrace from the Middle East, parenting many well-known strains such as Super Skunk, Northern Lights and Blueberry. These thick buds covered in trichomes will have you melting into the couch.

Many medical patients have stated that Afghani is their favourite strain to consume when its time to relax. Afghani carries a very pungent earthy aroma that anyone within your vicinity will be able to smell it. This strain usually tops off at around 25% THC, with that being said, make sure this is not your first time smoking when consuming that sweet Afghani.





  • Relaxing
  • Sleepiness
  • Pain Relief
  • Increased Appetite 



 Afghani is the perfect strain to grow both indoor or outdoor. When this strain is put in it's proper environment, it will thrive to its full potential. Growing Afghani inside is very beneficial when it comes to space, as this indica does not grow much taller than 3 feet and the flower period is around 8 weeks. If you decide to grow this indica outside, prepare for a large yield if you give it a warm sunny life. When it comes to harvest, be sure to have some gloves on deck because this strain is known to be stickier than most.



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