Thai | Landrace Sativa

Thai | Landrace Sativa


The lovely strain Thai is a pure sativa landrace. It is perfect for any consumers looking for an increase in energy levels, creativity and euphoria. This makes it a great strain for anyone planning to go hiking, workout, or socialize. Thai pretty well tastes like it smells, very earthy with a citrus hint. It has produced many other strains we see on the shelf today, such as Northern Light #5, Haze, and Juicy Fruit. 

Pure landrace strains like Thai can be fairly hard to come across. Either the strain will be 100% sativa or 100% indica. Pure landraces are found in their natural environment throughout the entire world. Since the Thai strain was discovered in the beautiful/tropical country of Thailand, sometimes it is hard to recreate the unique characteristics it possess when it is not grown its complete natural environment.


Energetic  |  Euphoric  |  Creative  |  



    Thinking about growing this strain outdoors? Think twice before you do. Thai needs plenty sun and heat to thrive to its fullest potential. When growing Thai indoors, it is much easier to control the environment it requires. Keep an eye on your thermometer and humidity to obtain optimal growing while following a proper lighting schedule. Your temperature during your grow should be anywhere between 24-30 degrees celsius, while your humidity should be sitting at about 60-75% for your seedlings, 40-70% for vegetative and 40-55% during flowering. You will be more than happy with the results of this pure sativa landrace when it comes to harvest time.