Solar Power "Hybrid" Strain Review - Symbl

Solar Power

Today we are reviewing recreational cannabis from the adult-use cannabis brand Symbl, also known as the sister brand of Emblem. Solar Power. A distinctive version of the hybrid strain Sour Kush. A cross between Sour Diesel and OG Kush. Consumers will be provided with uplifting effects, but still remaining pain free throughout the day. This strain carries a citrus taste, but didn't quite deliver that Sour Kush feeling we hoped for. 

Although the industry is new, we hope to see some changes in the packaging that the cannabis comes in. More eco-friendly consciences would be beneficial, for example, Hemp. This way the packaging is bio-degradable and no parts of the plants go to waste. We look forward to the future and what the cannabis industry has to offer. 

Symbol cannabis product review