How Experienced Growers Choose Their Soil Mix

How Experienced Growers Choose Their Soil Mix


Every experienced grower has their own special soil blend. There are multiple variables that lead to a successful soil mix. It may take multiple trials and errors before founding something that works successfully and consistently.


Factors When Determining Your Soil Mix

  • The first factor you need to consider is if the soil has optimal drainage. Without proper drainage, you will overwater your plants. Overwatering can cause your plant to develop root rot, stunt the growth of your plant or worst case scenario kill the entire plant


  • The second factor is to understand the Ph level of the soil. Cannabis plants grow at different Ph levels, between 6.4 and 7.


  • The third factor is to add a solid fertilizer mix to the soil. Using fertilizer mixed into your soil will help maximize the plant's total yield. 


 Now for the soil products we will keep the products generic and easily accessible as most these products are easy to find no matter your location. For the base of the soil Pro mix was a favourite for store purchased soils and does the job the best part is you can buy it at a tone of different stores and have access to it all year round. For Drainage we stuck to pearlite as it worked most effectively for achieving a good consistent drainage in the plant as it mixes well in the soil. As for fertilizer we stick to a seafood compost. This is a great fertilizer mix to accelerate the yield on your plants for me my yield doubled when I started to use it. Seafood compost is another product you should be able to get year round, the Miracle grow brand is easy to find and will work.


Making A Consistent Soil Mix At Home

  • Use a 60 litre rubbermaid bin to mix my soil.

  • First I add 2 standard pro mix bags to tub.

  • Then add two standard size bags of pearlite to the bin and mix them well with the soil a shovel works I personally am not afraid of getting dirty and find my hands work best.

  • Once properly mixed I had a half to 2/3 of a bag of fertilizer and again mix well.

  • Once complete you can move your soil to your pots and grow crazy.

Pro tip: make sure if your Ph of the soil is too high for your plants, add dolomite lime to the mix in small quantities to balance the ph down.