Germinating - Tips & How To

Germinating - Tips & How To

Germinating your cannabis seeds is one of the most important steps when it comes to growing cannabis. Today we are discussing a method that will not require more than some household items. You will only need some paper towel, a plastic bag and some water.

  • Start by wetting the paper towel in alkaline neutral water (Ph reading of 7).

  • Next you will take your seeds and place them in the paper towel and fold it small enough to fit the plastic bag.

  • Seal the bag and place it in a dark, warm place for 24-48 hours (can take a couple extra days).

  • Once a root has sprouted from each seed, you are able to plant them in your preference of soil.

When germinating seeds or as some people like to call it "popping", not all seeds will germinate at the same time. But do keep in mind that any seeds that do not sprout after 7 days, have most likely gone bad.