A Technique Master Growers Don't Want You To Know!

A Technique Master Growers Don't Want You To Know!


Since Canada legalized cannabis in 2018, everyone now knows someone who is or claims to be a master grower. Did you ever wonder how their plants look so thick and juicy? Well, you're in luck because Today we are highlighting a technique that master growers don't want you to know that will increase the yield of your cannabis plants.


What is "topping"?

"Topping" is the term used when one cuts off the crown of their cannabis plant in order to double the yield of the plant. Another reason one may want to "top" their cannabis plants is for height restrictions. This is a commonly used technique when growing in a grow tent.


We also found that there was a higher yield when we topped my plants instead of one rich stock, there was now four. 


Step 1: Count the nodes on your cannabis plant.

If there are more than 4 nodes, your plant is ready to be "topped".


Step 2: After the 4th node, cut the top leaf off with scissors.

Not to worry, after a couple of days there will be double the amount of chutes growing out the topped area.

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Step 3: Watch it grow!

At first, topping may sound scary because one is required to cut their thriving plant's crown, but, once the leap is taken, the results are very rewarding. First time topping? We always recommend to try a few plants and experiment. This will allow for you to grow your plant to its maximum potential in the space you have.


Have you Topped before?

Comment below on your experiences with topping or if you have any questions we are more than happy to lend a helping hand.